Anti-Europe Pro-Trump

Welcome to Axway – axing Ireland from Europe.

So Ireland is being slowly consumed by European elites moving so high up they are out of your view.

Your data, as we speak is being collated and we all think it is great fun. Will it be fun for you children and their children’s children.

So do you feel supressed or without a voice, here’s why.Every time you want to complain you are stopped or at least most are.

One of the biggest weapons against the voter is guilt however it is not served raw. It is masqueraded by the contrived liberalist views pretending to care about a myriad of people and things. And you’ve probably already fell for it I’m sorry to tell you. Why, because you are good person.

The longer we stay in Europe the more insecure we become, it is the perfect platform for our demise and is being hacked live as you read. Slowly but surely.

So you voted in the next government and they are the same, so why are you complaining, it is your fault!

Without need for war Eurpoean elites and business have spread like a virus and found the perfect expolits…..good people.

This website is set to change the landscape, and bring back to you, YOUR country before its too late…….who knows you may be holding the punt in your hand again someday very soon.

Stay tuned with more to come about how we can axe Ireland from Europe.